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Inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching (ICP-RIE) system Apex SLR from Advanced Vacuum Systems AB. The system is designed for controlled nanoscale etching of Si, SiO2, Si3N4, W, Mo and polymers (resists) with fluorine-based chemistry. Unprotected surfaces of the following materials are not allowed: glasses, Cr (Chromium), noble metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Pd), heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Zn) and certain types of polymers (e.g. silicones). In total, 8 process gases are presently available: SF6, CHF3, CF4, C4F8, Ar, O2, H2, N2. The system is normally configured for clamping 4 inch wafers. He back side cooling. Wafer clamps for 2 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch wafers are also available. Substrate temperature control: -30°C to 150°C. Plasma excitation: ICP (2 MHz, 1 kW) and RF (13.56 MHz, 300 W). Process pressure: 3 - 100 mTorr. The system is equipped with an optical emission spectroscopy (OES) system for determining process endpoint.

Location: EBL room Q156, Nano Process Lab (Cleanroom Level 1).

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Etcher APEX SLR F-based ICP-RIE – Plasma-Therm
Q156: EBL room
Plasma processing
Advanced Vacuum Systems AB


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